I have been taking photographs since the early 1980s when I learned to develop my own black and whites. These digital days I like the challenge and limitations of using cheap little cameras and home-made lighting tools; a cardboard box, some off-cut material and gaffa tape can go a long way!  

17th-20th century paintings (especially Pre-Raphealite) and portraits are a serious influence on my work, however, recently I have begun to explore the possibilities of  landscape and nature photography. Album cover art of the 1970s is another interest where, in one 12 inch long square, they could tell a detailed and intriguing story giving me another direction I aspire to.

A frequent contributor to the online Mascular Magazine, you can find some of my work in the back issues at www.mascularmagazine.com

My work has been exhibited at the Strand Gallery in central London and in the "Money and Power" exhibition at the Guild Hall (London) where my photograph "Disability Benefits Officer Phones In Sick" is now part of their permanent collection.

In March 2018 I won the "Love In London" photographic competition ran by CLiKD (https://www.clikdapp.com/) and Photo Voice (https://photovoice.org/. This from the BBC website:

"The Love in London photography contest launched on 14 February to celebrate "love, diversity and unity" in the capital.

More than 700 entries were submitted, with Scott Hamilton crowned the winner.

His photo will be on more than 50 digital billboards at the weekend.

Winners of five more categories are being displayed on signs at stations including King's Cross and Euston until Friday."

contact: fatnancy@gmail.com


Scott A Hamilton. (March 2018)



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